About Us

Since its foundation, SPS Solutions has come a long way to become India’s leading paint company. We operate around several paint manufacturing facilities in India, servicing consumers happily.

Innovative Technology
Innovation and product development have always been the mainstay of SPS Solution. We were the first to develop a Universal Basic Stainer which could be used to thin water based as well as solvent-based paints.
Personal Attention
Our aim is to inspire trust and confidence in every life we touch. SPS Solution may manufacture paints, textures and enamel but we aspire to promote trust, beauty and peace of mind through it.
Exceptional Service
SPS Solution brings people fast, affordable and high quality solution for all of their interior or exterior residential, commercial and industrial painting projects.


SPS Solutions trained professionals provide a comprehensive list of exterior and interior painting services to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Providing the highest quality painting with most professional services.


As fun as choosing colours can be, factors such as the surface being painted on, the climate in the area. Find all you need to know about products and how to apply them in this section.


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